I must confess that I hadn’t heard of the term online dating ‘Catfish’ until I started to research methods of dating in order to offer effective advice to women on the new rules and 21st century online dating and relationships.

If you have never heard of term online dating “catfish” then let me educate you … and that is VERY critical if you are trying to find love through online dating sites, or considering joining one.

Now, I don’t want to scare the living daylights out of you however I think it is my responsibility as an instructor to enlighten about those rotten, deceitful fraudsters so you may be at the look out. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, right?

Most of these predators are primarily based in Africa. However when they create profiles on online dating sites and social media sites they look like white Western-looking guys just looking for love.

They frequently go searching around the net and steal other people’s pictures from their social media sites and invent an awesome profile and story that attracts people.

They very crafty and know the power of emotional strength people put into online relationship – unfortunately the rational part of the users brain is somehow overruled by the need to be loved, and this is where vulnerability takes place.

Right here are some recommendations that will help you spot the Catfish right away.

Their picture appears too appropriate to be genuine – almost like that of a model. Let’s face it, if they were that good looking why would they be looking for love online.

A very good way to know their true identity is to do a research on the website TinEye to find out if their photo has been uploaded somewhere else online. If the photograph shows up in other locations then they are not genuine.

No photos on their profile – On some of the online dating sites you won’t be able to register until you upload a photograph – but on some you can. No photo usually means they have something to conceal, so beware!

They have got great lifestyles as a pilot, a surgeon or industrialist – again use your commonplace sense – would they be looking for love online? Perhaps, but you just have to be on your guard.

They usually have fake social media account with very few friends or followers. Catfish are very smart, they set up false social media account so that you assume you are checking out a genuine person – however the whole thing is a complete SCAM.


Be cautious if they are trying to get you off the online dating site to communicate with you by using e-mail or phone.

Most of these fraudsters will formulate heart touching stories to pull at your heart strings for example, a relative needs pressing clinical treatment, or they had a fatal accident – then they ask you to provide them money to help them out.

Asking you for money – you should never be in a hurry to give out money, if you have any uncertainties then you should get in touch with the national crime agency or the equivalent authority in your part of the world.

Do not be carried away their hard success stories, also pay close attention if they never call you by your name rather they address you by other names e.g baby, darling e.t.c this is a sure sign that they also lure other women with same story.

They are very good seeking out the venerability of their online dates. Lamentably, some women generally tend to pour out their heart felt pleas while looking for their soul mate online.

You can check out some of your friend’s facebook updates to get what I imply, just to be sure that you are not identified as a bit vulnerable then ask a friend to take a look at your online relationship profile and make sure you are not sending out the wrong signals.

Like I mentioned earlier at the beginning of this article, I don’t want you to be unnecessarily worried about online dating rather I do want you to have fun but be on the lookout for these “red flags” of the catfish and enjoy the adventure.

I hope this article was helpful?