Currently, if you are single, you’ve perhaps got at least one online dating profile out there. Consider some or all of these tips to increase your profile’s attraction.

beautiful girl-best online dating site

beautiful girl-best online dating site

Fall in Love With Your Pictures
Ensure your pictures are gorgeous because you are gorgeous! Even if you don’t think you are very photogenic, you don’t want your pictures to sell you short.

Go sign up for a photoshoot in a beautiful location near you. Sites like Living Social and Groupon always have highly discounted sessions by professional local photographers.

If you don’t love the pictures in your profile, do not be amazed when you notice you receive ┬ávery few messages or responses.

Head Shot is a Must
Make sure you have at least one or more pictures that show your beautiful face clearly. If you don’t like any pictures you currently have, make it a priority to get some nice ones taken of you.

Updated Pics
Try not to post pictures from more than 2 years ago – especially if you have gained or lost weight since then. Both men and women often complain that the person who showed up in the picture does not correspond with the person they saw in the photos. Bait and switch can cause suitors to feel like any impending relationship is starting off with a lie.

If you are not satisfied with how you look today, find some clothes that compliment you anyway, and have someone take some great pictures of you in them. Then, set an intention to commit to your health from now on.

Purpose and Passion
Make sure you include plenty of pictures of yourself doing things you love and give you joy!

If yoga is something you love, get your friend to take some pictures of you doing yoga in the nearby park.

If teaching horseback riding to children is something that gives you purpose, have their parents take pictures of you doing it the next time you’re out there.

If you love to travel, keep in mind that you are collecting dating profile pictures of yourself, and have your travel partner (or friendly strangers, if you travel alone) take many pictures of you in front of your beautiful travel backdrops!

Just like you, good prospective partners are looking for people who take joy out of life, and who presumably have more going on than just working and commuting back and forth every day.

Avoid Selfies
Surely you can do better than this! Selfies triggers the question, “Does this person have no friends to take a picture of him?” Anyway, we can see those tiled walls behind you… and now someone is picturing you in your bathroom… Is that how you want someone to picture you for the first time?

Be Among Others You Love
If you must include a selfie, let it be a selfie of you and your friends enjoying each others’ company.

Fix Your Syntax
This is overlooked by many. Use an editing feature to ensure all grammar, spelling, and typos are cleaned up. Then read the bio out loud to yourself.

Avoid Negativity
If you have recently become sceptical about all the weirdos who are messaging you on your profile, do not make reference to them in your profile. Example: “If you are a creepy loser, don’t bother messaging me.”

Similarly, mentioning even in passing how you have been slighted or hurt in the past is not something that needs to be in your profile bio. Do not make future suitors pay for the mistakes of those in your past! Great partners will sense that insecurity and be turned off by it.

Keep It Short
If your bio is as long as this article (676 words), then it’s too long.Make some positive observations about life in your profile, include things you feel passionate about, but leave some mystery for the first date.

A Final Note
Remember that all the people who are looking at your profile are there for one reason — romantic interaction and your online dating profile is the first impression that will attract them.

You want to make sure it is reflective of who you are, and what kind of a relationship you want.

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