During the last few years, I discovered a few personality traits about myself that I desired to change. I really had a tough time when it comes to relationship. I was so stubborn that I do not like the word “CHANGE”. Sometimes, when your mind is made up, change is hard. I always consider myself as “NON-ROMANTIC”.

I had so many disappointments coming my way during my years of dating to love, hoping to find the right man for me; I almost gave up on love. Finding love has always been difficult for me. My friends will say there is someone out there for me and I would just laugh out loud because I never believed the word “LOVE” exists.11960088_1685639318331919_4722805128848821492_n
Often times I would think I have found that special person I would love to spend my eternity with but then I was wrong. I found out that what I desired from the relationship and what I had to offer was different. Probably my expectations were too high. I was in dating to love search. I just wanted to love and be loved by a special person. The men I fell in love with tend to have different ideas. Some of them just wanted a “NIGHT STAND THING”, some just seemed to want friendship while some didn’t really know what they wanted.

I discovered that I stayed in the relationships for too long. I didn’t leave when I knew I ought to. I did this continually because I believed the relationship will get better. Little did I know that this was false hope and didn’t get any better. My major problem was that I was too calm. I had a combination of low self-esteem, shyness and possessed a easy personality. It was really taking advantage of me.

My love life got so bad that after my last relationship, I made up my mind never to have another relationship. I was done with this dating to love search. It was an illusion that I should search for the right man to share a life with, love and care for. I came to realise that it was “stupid” advice and in no way got better. I would give all for nothing!
12410543_1727730807456103_2854091349767708090_nHowever, online dating really helped me change my perception and personality traits. All thanks to which I researched on google and found many online dating sites through this niche. On this website I found so many best online dating sites where I registered and experienced true love at its best.

I started with a specific dating site on because it had a forum area where one could communicate with other members in the community. I met both men and women that had similar experiences just like me. I was felt so much at ease because I always appeared as anonymous whenever I logged into the forum area. I could only make myself known when I wanted. turned out to be a good decision for me. I discovered a community of people with similar interests that I hastily started to make friends with. I also was able to make so many friends within my neighbourhood and we started to hang out. Sometimes we would meet as a group to share moments with each other and get to know ourselves better. I was comfortable and had lots of fun.

About four months after becoming a member of the dating site forum, I met a man that shared similar interest as me. We laughed at each other’s jokes and we were in no hurry to meet. We were having so much fun with each other and at the same were afraid it won’t last if we meet. This went on for 8 months and I couldn’t bare it any longer. I really wanted to see him face to face. We booked a date with each other and then we finally met. Indeed it was a sight to behold!

To my greatest surprise, meeting him for the first time was like meeting someone I already knew. It was a very comfortable feeling to meet someone the first time because we have been communicating on the forum for so long.

Well, to make the story brief, we went out with the group few more times before deciding to go alone by ourselves. It has been 2 years with this wonderful man and I have been so happy. It took me so long to meet this man of my dreams and I have never been this happier all my life. All thanks to, my best online dating site where I found love and love found me!

If online dating is something you are thinking of considering, give it chance. Be smart, be open and be positive. There are so many benefits getting to know someone in an entirely emotional and conceptual way before meeting them face to face. Don’t worry about what the world has to say, they will seize up subsequently!

I know that there are people like me who are confused when it comes to dating. The best advice I could give them is to find an online dating site you feel very comfortable with, step in one foot at a time and discover happiness.
I wish you goodluck!

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