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Being positive despite your circumstances is a very hard thing to do but you must believe that you are not alone in looking for the right person to be with in winning your battles. Staying positive in this hard to please world would take a lot of effort and consistency as some people will try to steal such positive attitude and drag you down until you can’t fight no more. In spite of life’s cruelty, never ever lose hope in searching for your own happiness and in pursuing your quest to love and be loved as there are lot of ways that could help you find your perfect match.
If you are on the verge of giving up on love since you have found out that you have some kind of disease that’s not common to everyone, you have come to the right place at such a perfect timing as you would be introduced to one of the leading STD Dating site in the world. Positive Singles is an ideal online dating site for people who are battling certain types of illnesses such as but not limited to Herpes, HIV or AIDS, HPV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and other types of STDs across the globe. This site has gained millions of members due to the fact that this is one of the largest and the most trusted dating site that caters singles with STDs.

Positive Singles also features the important information that you must know so as to further understand what you have to go through with such condition as well as to appreciate people enduring the same situation. These distinctive features are laid out to you in detail so as you would be well-informed at the end of this review.  What you can gain from this online dating site are listed as  follows; when you get to the site, all you have to do is to click on each link then you are good to go.

· What is an STD –  this is where you can uncover the detailed and thorough definition of STD in addition to much comprehensive information on different illnesses related to STD such as: Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Thrush, HPV and Gonorrhea. The symptoms are also laid out for the benefit of everyone who is interested to get into the site.
· STD Q and A – on this page, you would be chatting with a live counselor for any concerns that you might have with regard to anything that you would like to know about a certain type of STD. The good thing about this page is that it will provide you the most frequently asked questions so you won’t have to ask the same since the answer is now readily available for you to see. You won’t be hesitant in asking questions as you can be assured that such service is completely confidential and with utmost secrecy.
· Live Dating Advisor – On this page, you will be asked for some personal information about yourself before you can continue enjoying the service. Once you have completely filled out the required space then you would be redirected to the main page that you would surely get to enjoy.
· Largest STD Blogs – this is one of the most visited pages in Positive Singles as this would allow you to get to know more people living with STD aside from the fact that you can share your stories to most people who would need some good vibes.
· STD Care Locations – this is one of the most useful pages that Positive Singles has ever made as it will give you an all-inclusive list of the STD Care Locations that have partnered with this site for you to experience one of the benefits of being a PS member.
· STD Treatment Stories – this page will show you different success stories in combating STD and other related conditions with more than 500 inspiring stories to read on. You can also share your own treatment stories so as to give hope to people who need it the most. When you share your story, you don’t have to be wary since your profile won’t be disclosed to anyone and you would remain anonymous.
· STD Information – this is one of the PS pages that you don’t have to miss visiting as you would learn all the significant information relating to STDs and its symptoms. You will see different photos of all the symptoms of STD and other related conditions as well as its legal information and the available testing centers nearest you.
· Support Forums or Events – this PS page has been considered as the site’s discussion area with different forums and categories to choose from; surely you won’t have a dull moment in joining one particular topic. Everyone is welcome on this page and this is not exclusively for people with STD alone. Concerned families, friends as well as caregivers can join the forum without any questions.
· Online STD Chat Room – PS would require you to login on your account or if you are a newbie to this site, you need to sign up first before you can get started chatting with other online members. If you are not willing to do so then you won’t be able to proceed with the online STD chat room page.
· Daily STD News – the people behind PositiveSingles.com should be applauded in considering the idea of such a very useful page. Any latest news or updates about STD and its related conditions are all in here. You won’t run out of news updates since there are lots to learn. You just to need to know what to click then you’d get what you are looking for.

Price of Positive Singles
One of the key factors to consider in joining a particular website is its pricing. Most people would prefer online sites that offer services free of charge. With Positive Singles, you have the option of being a standard member with free service or you can become a member with a cost to bear. The membership fee is not compulsory and this will depend on your choice which you are most comfortable with.
When you sign up for Positive Singles, you won’t be charged for anything but of course, once you become a member there would be a membership fee that you have to be aware of before you decide joining in. There are three options that you can choose from before you can become a member and these are as follows:

· For 1 month: About a $1 per day and this will be billed to you in one easy payment for just $29.95.
· For 3 months: About $19.95 per month but this will be billed to you in one easy payment for only $59.95.
· For 6 months: About $15.95 each month but you will be billed in one easy payment for a much cheaper price of $95.95 only.
You must bear in mind that when you opt to be a gold member using your credit card or your PayPal account, your monthly membership purchase will automatically renew unless you don’t want to be billed no more and you have requested to stop the billing.

Free Member VS Paid Member
A free member can only do so much in accessing the Positive Singles website. If you are a standard member, there will be limitations on what you can and you can’t do. As a member with no amount at risk, you will be allowed to create your personal profile with an uploaded photo so as other members will be able to know who you really are by viewing your profile.
As a free member, you can send a wink to almost any member whom you find interesting. Once you received an instant message or an email coming from a Gold member, you can definitely reply for free but if you are the one who initiates on sending an email or any instant message to a standard free member, you won’t be permitted to do so as this privilege is exclusive for Gold members.
If you are a standard free member, you can search the profiles of all other members totally free of charge but if you want to go on further, you won’t be tolerated as Gold members are the only ones permitted to such thing. You may want to check out the Positive Singles “our privileges page” so you would know some of the common things that a standard member can’t do.

How Positive Singles Improve Dating Success
Positive Singles is so committed in ensuring that the site will be of the best interests of all its members and the company is striving to make this site the most improved STD Dating site ever established in the online community. The company aims to be the best among its competitors and this is the reason behind all the membership fees that you would be charged for once you decide to become a gold member. All the money that would be raised from all the Gold Membership payments would be used in maintaining the unique features that most STD people who joined PS are now enjoying. This STD company wants to make sure that all of the members regardless of their membership status will be provided unparalleled 24/7 Customer Service Assistance whether for technical issues or general inquiries only and this is why Positive Singles deserves to have such stature in being above the rest.

Positive Singles seems to prove its worth based on how the company has managed to maintain the efficiency as well as the security of every individual members of this online dating site. Kudos to those people behind this concept as everything that you have to look for in an Online STD Dating site are all in here that you won’t have to ask for more.
You deserve to be recognized and applauded in all the unique features that you are currently offering. Each feature has been well thought and by far, no other sites have shown so much compassion and passion to its intended audience that is why you are incomparable. You would feel the unparalleled concern and tender loving care as most people say without personally dealing with the people behind such great company. Need to say more? So long as you can carry on with what you have started, you would surely retain your lead in the years and decades ahead.

Editor’s Review:
There are many STD Dating sites that you can easily access for free but you must be wary, as some of which can’t give you everything that you need especially in entrusting your personal information. If I were you, I would rather pay for some kind of membership fee which in return, would put my mind at ease having all these exceptional features that Positive Singles promises to offer to people with STDs. If you have noticed, the pricing are a bit cheaper and has already been discounted to put your mind at ease and not to worry about getting the proper care that you deserve.
The distinctive features have been laid out to you with utmost compassion that you won’t even think that you have such condition. If I must say, this is one of the amazing sites that I have ever visited in my entire life that I can easily recommend to almost everyone regardless if they have such condition or not. I don’t have anything against websites that are offering services free of charge but if you will be given such kind of awesome features, you would easily agree on paying a bit higher than that what they are currently advertising.
Given the high standard and quality of service that you are willing to offer to all of your members and non-members, there won’t be any dating site that can follow your lead as what you have done here in Positive Singles is incomparable and too good to be true but it actually exists. Well, you deserve a lot more than what you are getting now. Keep the site running and maintain what has been effectively transpired and you would surely retain your success for more than so many decades.


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